Troy, Montana

edward bear troy mt flowers
Today was a day for the mountains! After leaving the ranch, the camper headed west and started to climb up and up and up. They could see the mountains from a long way away, but each mile brought them closer and closer. At Browining they could see some of the snow capped mountains of Glacier National Park. They stopped for lunch at a powwow grounds, where there were a lot of tepees and people were getting ready for a special gathering.

edward bear troy mt chainsaw carving
Then they drove around the southern tip of Glacier Park through East Glacier and West Glacier and on To Columbia Falls and Kalispell. It was a beautiful drive. From there it was on to Libby and just a few more miles to Troy where the camper was set up in a grove of Douglas fir and cedar trees. They took a walk down by the river and watched a train go across a bridge. A gentle rain cooled things off, but it didn't last very long. It sure made everything smell wonderful.

Edward is hoping to see another bear on the journey but so far, there has been no luck in that department. However there should be more time in the mountains in the next couple of days for Edward to look and to enjoy even more adventures.

Edward gets a bit tired of riding all day long in the camper, but it gives him a chance to see some really interesting sights and to go places that he thinks are very special. He is in a place that he has never been before and he can tell that the mountains are home to lots of animals. It is a fun trip for Edward.