Big Timber, Montana

Edward is watching while his new friend, Sylvie, blows bubbles. It was great fun.

Today was a day when Edward didn't have to go anywhere, but he didn't hibernate, either. He got to meet Sylvie, who is the granddaughter of Ted's brother. Wow! She is almost the same size as Patrick, almost as if they were born in the same den, but they weren't. Anyway, she is great fun. She came to the camper and played with some of the toys, even making silly Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head figures. It was another hot day, so they played outside for quite a bit of the day.

Edward heard the chain saw in the morning, so he could tell that Ted was working, but most of the people spent most of the time visiting and having fun. In the evening Julia and Charlie arrived, but Edward was in the camper when they came. He could smell the hamburgers cooking on the grill, so he knew they had a good supper. Good thing Edward always has his fish! Tomorrow it will be fun to see the new people who come and to play with all of them.

Big Timber, Montana

Edward is in one of his favorite places tonight. He is in his corner of the camper by an open window. Through the window he can hear the river running near by.

Today was a busy day and part of it was pretty hot. It wasn't too warm when he got up early at Wolf Lodge. He didn't see any wolves on this visit. The camper was readied to go fairly early and they got on the road. Before long the camper was climbing up towards 4th of July Pass. After that it was Lookout Pass. Then a while later it was Homestake Pass. Finally they topped Bozeman pass about an hour before they arrived at the Boulder place in Big Timber. Cody the dog was there to greet them.

Edward could hear them visiting with Lois and Lucy and Sylvie and Dan, but he didn't get to meet Sylvie. He really wants to. She is almost 2 years old, like Patrick. She sounds like a very interesting person. The others will be fun to meet also. Then there are more people coming tomorrow and even more coming later in the week. It should be a fun gathering.

Tonight, Edward is tired and heading to bed. It has been a long day with some hot weather, but not quite as hot as yesterday. Thank goodness for that!

Wolf Lodge, Idaho

It is so hot Edward can't decide if he wants to drink ice tea or root bear - maybe he just wants both!

WOW! It has been a very strange year for Edward Bear and a strange hibernation during the winter of 2020-2021. Edward has lived in Washington for a year now, but he hasn't gotten used to it. In the first place, he was enjoying the early fall at Elliot, Emmala, and Eliza's house on Beaver Lake Road when all of a sudden the camper was packed up and hooked up to a U-Haul truck. It didn't go very far, just to a camper storage place in Clear Lake. Edward figured that it was time to hibernate Usually there is more warning and a bigger trip, but he was all alone in the dark camper, so he took a snooze.

Just before Thanksgiving, however, he was awakened by familiar sounds. He was being hooked up to the usual truck once again and after a short trip of about 45 miles, he arrived at the farm in Ferndale. Edward learned that this was going to be his new home. The camper was backed into the shop, where it was pleasant but dark. Edward was just settling into a long winter's nap a couple of weeks later, when he was hooked up again and moved to another place in the same barn. There was some more coming and going and things were taken from the camper to be put away and a couple of times the children came to visit and gave Edward a squeeze and played with some of the toys.

Edward didn't sleep too well for the rest of the winter. In the first place, it wasn't cold at all and Edward is used to cold. And he could hear birds who lived in the barn singing and flying all around all winter long.

Then, a few weeks ago, the truck hooked up to the camper and it came out into the farm yard. What a wonderful place the far is. There are chickens and a swimming pool and a huge barn and some other outbuildings. They mow the lawn with a tractor and a bigger tractor cuts the hay in the field and then bales it.

The first thing that happened was that the camper got a good scrubbing. The roof was scrubbed and then the outside. Then the bathroom was cleaned up and Edward could hear the good sounds of the water being turned on and the hot water heater being tested and the refrigerator cooling down.

Yesterday Edward thought they were going for a big adventure the truck was hooked up, but it was only a short ride. They just went 44 miles, but it was hot. Edward doesn't know much about degrees, but he always wears a fur coat and, of close, he always sleeps under a bear skin. That's a bear joke, in case you don't know. Once the camper was parked on the street in front of Ted and Susan's new house, however, things really started to get exciting. They brought clothes and, best sign of all, food into the camper. They got out bedding and pillows and all kinds of things.

Today was a long, hot drive across Washington. Tonight Edward is at Wolf Lodge, a place in Idaho near a big lake where he has stayed before. It is still hot. Ted and Susan say it is more than 100 degrees! The air conditioner sure feels good.

Ted and Susan say this is the start of a really big adventure. They plan to go all the way across the United States to South Carolina. You can check out their progress by reading Edward's adventures every day for the next month. It should be interesting!

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