North Sioux City, South Dakota

Edward Bear with Pumpkin
Edward Bear knows that hibernation is coming. He's been feeling a little tired lately. On the other hand, he really had a fun time visiting in Missouri. He saw a video of Elliot and Emmala opening up a box with bears that Rachel sent to them. That was exciting. And Edward Bear has always been in hibernation at Halloween before, so he didn't know about all of the Jack-o-Lanterns and decorations with skeletons, cobwebs, spiders and other creatures. He even saw a pretend witch that looked like she had flown into a tree.

The camper is headed back to Rapid City and will arrive tomorrow, where it will be cleaned out, drained, winterized and put into the shed for the winter. Edward will settle in for his long winter's nap as usual. Edward didn't get too many outings in 2016, but the camper did travel a little over 5,000 miles without any problems and, of course, Edward was along for the ride each time.

Knob Knoster State Park, Missouri

Edward Bear at Knob Noster State Park
Fall is a wonderful time to go camping. The nights are crisp and a bit chilly, but the days are warm. The leaves are pretty on the trees and some of them are falling. Today was a long day's drive all the way to Warrensburg, Missouri, where Rachel lives and then on to Knob Noster State Park where the caper is set up. We will be staying in the same campsite for nearly a week, so it is a good time to get everything set up and ready.

There are places to explore, walks to take and much fun to be had. Edward is especially excited to see Rachel and Mike. It is going to be a great trip!

Mitchell, South Dakota

Edward Bear - Mitchell South Dakota
October 23 is a late date for a camper adventure, but the weather looks promising for the next week and we are headed south, so we took off in the afternoon, after we had finished with our church work, and headed toward Rachel and Mike's home. This will probably be our last visit before they move to Japan. We're headed for Knob Noster State Park, which is near their home. But with the time zone change and a late departure, it was after 8 pm when we pulled into the Family Fun Campground a few miles west of Mitchell.

Edward is always excited to be on the road! The picture was taken on a misty morning the day after the blog was posted. Lots of miles this day - all the way to Missouri.

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