Big Timber, Montana

On May 25, Edward knew that big things were about to happen. The trailer was hooked to the truck. They went back to the yard at Ted and Susan’s house, but this time the trailer stayed hooked to the truck. Ted kept coming and going bringing in clothes and food. After a winter’s hibernation the thought of food was positively inspirational for Edward. He waited with excitement.

Early the next morning they were off to the church where the truck and trailer sat parked in the parking lot all morning. Edward could hardly wait while the worship service and meetings kept going on. It was a bit foggy and drizzly, but there were a few rays of sunshine peeking out between the clouds.

Around lunchtime they were on the road. This was the longest trip Edward and the camper had taken. They drove to Broadus, Montana where they stopped for a quick break and then they were back on the road again. The trailer handled very well and pulled smoothly behind the truck. Even when they got to road construction and the end of the pavement, things went well and Edward had a smooth ride. They made another quick stop in Billings and then a short drive farther and they arrived while it was still bright and sunny. There had been some thunderclouds off in the distance as they drove, and a few raindrops, but they didn’t drive though any bad weather.

Edward on Rear Slide
Soon they were set up in a beautiful place with the sour of a river running nearby. As it got dark, Ted crawled into bed and Edward snuggled in for a little rest.

Edward at the Boulder
The next morning dawned bright and beautiful. Ted did some work in a cabin and then took Edward for a walk. It is really spring in Montana and everything is green and beautiful. The grass was damp and smelled wonderful. The river was running full, but not so high as to be flooding anything. The birds were filling the sir with their songs and the sun was warming everything. It was a good way to start a new chapter of life for Edward.

It looks like Edward is in for some exciting adventures this year!

Edward at Campfire Circle

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