Out of Hibernation, 2013

Out of Hibernation
Coming out of hibernation in the spring of 2013 was a slow process for Edward Bear. It wasn’t as if he had had an undisturbed sleep all winter. From time to time, every couple of weeks, Ted would come by the camper to check things out. Most of the time, he came in, fiddled with a few things in the cupboard, checked the outside and then disappeared. It was warm and comfortable in the camper even on the coldest and windiest days. Edward dozed through the winter.

One day, however, Edward knew that he was in for a treat because things were really different. The big cover came off of the outside of the camper and daylight streamed in. There was a bumping and thumping as the trailer was hooked up to the pickup. They were off!

The journey, however, was a short one. They went up the road to the back yard of Ted and Susan’s house, where the camper had been parked when Edward first came to his new home, Edward could hear the bumping and sloshing as the roof was scrubbed. Then the outside walls and windows were cleaned.

A few days later, Edward really got excited because they were hooked onto the truck once again. But they hardly went anywhere at all. At the tire store there was much commotion as the camper was jacked up, the bearings were packed, the brakes inspected and new tires were put on all four wheels. At least Edward could feel a hint of excitement as he thought that perhaps a big trip was in store, what with the new tires and all.

So you can imagine Edward’s disappointment, when the camper went back to the storage place. It was parked in the rows of other campers. Edward was expecting the big cover to come over everything. He even thought about a second hibernation, but the cover stayed off. More snow was in store, however, and Edward was glad to be inside as he waited out the storms, watching the snow pile outside. The spring blizzards were deeper than any snows Edward had known all winter, but he had slept for most of the winter.

Dreaming of warm spring days, Edward clutched his bear to his side and waited out the storms.

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