Big Timber, Montana

Boulder River Bear
Today wasn't quite as long a day as yesterday. Elliot awoke in St. Regis and by the middle of the afternoon they had arrived by the Boulder River at Big Timber. This is a familiar place for Edward. He loves the river and the cabins and the people who come to visit in this place. There is a big difference on this visit. The river is higher than has ever been during one of Edward's visits. It has been very warm here and in the high country in the mountains as well and the snow in the mountains is melting very quickly. The river is now officially at flood stage, though there is no flooding at the boulder place because the banks are built up high higher than the river and the river's bend carries most of the water away from this place.

Edward also enjoyed looking at the sheep and seeing how much they have grown since he visited three weeks ago.

This is the last night of the trip. The plan is to be back in Rapid City tomorrow night. That is about 400 miles away, so there will be a bit of a ride, but Edward is used to long days with lots of miles, and 400 miles doesn't seem too far for him.

St. Regis, Montana

hucklebery milkshake
It was really hard for Edward to think of the camper moving again. He had had such fun with Elliot and Emmla over three weeks. There had been plenty of sleep overs at the camper and this was the first time Emmla had slept in the camper. What fun! And he got to celebrate Emmala's birthday with the family and have a special sleep over with just Elliot. He got to visit their new home in Mount Vernon, Washington, go to Anacortes to the beach and a whole lot of other adventures. It was sad for Edward to have this part of the trip come to an end. However, as Edward has learned, all adventures reach their conclusion and a trip home can be an exciting adventure, too.

Three big mountain passes were topped with ease today. Stephens Pass on US 2 in Washington, 4th of July pass in Idaho and Lookout pass on the border of Idaho and Montana. The camper and truck made the trips over the passes with ease.

Tonight, Edward got a real treat! The camper stopped in St. Regis, Montana and Edward knows that St. Regis is famous for huckleberry milkshakes. Edward enjoyed sipping his milkshake as the moon rose and a beautiful sunset occurred over western Montana. Tomorrow Edward will be in Big Timber where he'll get to meet Cody and return the old tennis ball Cody left in the camper last time they were through that town. Then it is on home to Rapid City. Lots of miles, but lots of fun - Edward is having a marvelous summer so far this year.

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