St. Regis, Montana

Edward really loves Western Montana and when he is in Western Montana he really loves to stop at St. Regis. And when he stops at St. Regis he loves to stay at the Nugget Campground. And that is exactly where he is tonight!

The Nugget Campground is special because Edward knows where to find a Sasquatch. Some people call the creatures Yeti, some call them Big Foot. But Edward knows that it isn’t just the foot of the creature that is big. It is all BIG! And Sasquatch is a mythical creature, so Edward hasn’t seen a real one. He just knows where there is a metal cutout in the forest and he likes to visit it when he comes to the Nugget Campground. There are lots of hiking trails in the campground and Ted and Susan like to take walks all around the area. There is a good hillside to watch mountain sunsets and that is where the camper is parked tonight. It is near a brand-new play structure with slides and a climbing tower and a lot of other fun things. It makes Edward wish that Patrick and Eliza and Emmala and Elliot and Eero were along to join in the adventure!

The best thing about St. Regis is huckleberry milkshakes. In Western Montana there are billboards advertising: Best. Shake. Ever. Maybe all of the cars driving fast on the Interstate miss some of the signs. Or maybe they don’t trust them because there is so much junk printed on billboards. But these signs are true. A huckleberry milkshake from Huck’s Cafe in St. Regis really is the Best. Shake. Ever. Ted and Susan have a tradition if they are in St. Regis at dinner time. They each get a Buffalo Burger. Sometimes they get sweet potato fries. And they always get a huckleberry milkshake.

Today was a good day and the drive wasn’t too far. There was some smoke in the area, but they didn’t see any big fires. That made Edward glad. He worries about all of the trees that are lost in the fires and wonders if the animals are safe. Sometimes, he knows, animals lose their homes in fires. Smoke from fires makes honey bees all go into their hive and huddle together where they can share whatever moisture they have in their bodies and regulate their temperatures. If the tree isn’t completely consumed by the fire they can sometimes survive even a forest fire, but if the tree gets all on fire they lose their home and they will be in it. Bees always go into their hive when they smell smoke. That is why Ted sometimes uses his smoker when the bees get too excited. They smell the smoke and go inside.

So far this has been a great adventure with lots to see and lots to think about. Edward is excited about tomorrow to see what it will bring.

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