Big Timber, Montana

Edward at campfire with kids
Edward is having such a wonderful adventure that he has hardly had time to dictate his blog! First of all Elliot is staying in the camper. Elliot's father is staying here too. Edward likes sleeping in Elliot's bed and all of the extra attention that he gets when Elliot is around. And Beau, who is from Australia, is still with the group. Here at Big Timber they met up with Gracie who is the same age as Beau. All in all it is a wonderful visit.

The children have been playing in the river and there has been a campfire with s'mores every night! The children like to cook the marshmallows by placing them on big forks and holding them close to the fire. They also like to hold the hose when it is time to put out the campfire each night. All in all the visit is filled with wonderful adventures.

Last night there was a big barbecue with lots of people. After the barbecue everyone went down to the river for Gracie's baptism. After the baptism we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Lois. Today there was a trip up to the mountains to look at Natural Bridge and the falls of the Boulder River and the Boulder canyon. The gang had a picnic up in the mountains and came back to play in the river again. This trip is turning into a grand time for everyone.