Pacific Ocean

Dear Elliot, Emmala and Eliza

Today we went walking on the beach. It is the same ocean that you walk alongside when you go to the beach, but we are way on the other side of that ocean. The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world's oceans. We are over 5,000 miles away, so you can tell how big the ocean is. The waves were kind of wild and we saw a few surfers out in the water. They must have been wearing wet suits, because the water was too cold for swimming. We went to another beach, where people do swim, but there was no one swimming today.

It was fun to look at the boats of the fishing fleet. They were in the harbor when we were walking, so we got to see some of them up pretty close. These were trawlers with their nets hanging, so they are ready to go out sometime soon. Perhaps they were waiting for better weather to go fishing.

Today is our last day at Rachel and Mike's house. We'll spend three more days touring in Japan and then we'll be heading your way. We will be really tired when we arrive because that day we will start in Japan and then finish in Washington, so we will get a lot of extra hours in one day.

There will be a few more days of blogs about our adventures. Tomorrow we will be riding on the train again.