Red Lodge, Montana

Edward against the tree
Edward has been to Red Lodge, Montana before. Usually he stays in a campground in Red Lodge, but last night the camper was parked on the street next to the house of Susan's sister. Still, Red Lodge is a beautiful place. He could hear the creek rushing over the rocks and the town was more quiet than many campgrounds. There were no railroad trains in the night and no highway rushing by. If you come to Red Lodge, you have to drive through town. There is no bypass to take the vehicles around town, as is the case with places with Interstate highways.

Red Lodge is full of wonderful memories for Edward. Last summer the camper was in Red Lodge for several days. Edward had a sleepover with Elliot and Elliot's family came for a camper visit. It was a year ago that Elliot visited the animal recovery center and Blackberry E. joined Elliot's bear family.

Edward knows that this trip is coming to an end. The camper will head back to Rapid City today and soon will be back in its storage place. It has been a wonderful adventure and Edward is already thinking of new places to go and new adventures to seek.

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