Wolf Lodge - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Edward thought that today’s travels had a lot of adventures. He is glad that they didn’t have to go much farther, though. He was ready to stop and they are staying at the Wolf Lodge Campground. Edward has been here several different times and each time has been fun. There are usually new things to discover at Wolf Lodge. The shuffleboard court seemed new to Edward. Maybe it was here the last time they camped here, but he can’t remember it.

Before we get into the things of Wolf Lodge Campground, here are some more things about today’s travel. First of all it rained most of the night last night. Edward likes the sound of rain on the camper roof, but Ted was a bit wet when he came in from getting the camper ready to roll. It wasn’t raining when we pulled out of the campground, but soon it started to rain again. It rained off and on all day long as they drove through the mountains.

From the campground they drove on a highway called the Pintler Scenic Highway. It is a winding and fun road that is an alternative to taking the Interstate. It rained during part of that drive, but it stopped raining and the clouds lifted so that they could see a very beautiful canyon as they descended. It was fun. After they got on the Interstate, it was a road that is familiar to Edward, but there was quite a bit of rain and some water got on the floor of the camper. It wasn’t much of a problem and Ted cleaned up the floor and turned on the fans to dry everything out. Not much else got wet, just the floor. Ted thinks he knows where the water is coming in from the tires of the camper and he will get it fixed when they are back at the farm.

When they were only 17 miles from their exit, the traffic came to a complete halt. Then it was stop and go. Sometimes they could go five miles per hour, sometimes they had to wait. It took more than an hour to go six miles. When they got to a place where the boat needed to be inspected they pulled off and there they saw a couple of cars and a couple of semis with dents and a tow truck. There must have been an accident and the traffic just backed up. It is a holiday and there are lots of cars on the Interstate.

After the boat inspection station it was smooth sailing all the way to the campground. The neighbors at the campground said it rained most of the day here, but it is nice and not raining since we got here.

There will be more adventures tomorrow!

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