Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana


Today the camper was on the move again. First thing after breakfast, Ted started to pack things up and get ready to move. Edward took his place in the seat by the dinette that faces the back. When the rear slide comes in it comes almost to Edward, so what he has the best view of when traveling is the bed, which isn’t all that bad.

After church and lunch they headed out and soon were heading West. Ted knows a couple of back roads which were a bit winding, but fun. Around Three Forks, the wind was really blowing hard and Ted stopped at Wheat Montana, which was closed, but they waited out a thunderstorm in the parking lot before continuing west.

Tonight they are camped at Fairmont Hot Springs, which is near Anaconda. It is a nice campground with a great view of some very high mountains. Edward doesn’t know about the hot springs, but maybe he will learn something. It started to rain right after Ted got the camper set up and Edward thinks that they will go and explore when the rain passes.

After supper Susan and Ted went for a walk and took Edward with them. They saw the big water slide at the swimming place. Edward is sure that Elliot, Emmala, Eliza, and Patrick would love the watersides and other things at the hot springs pool. Eero is probably a little bit too young for this adventure, but Edward is thinking that it would be fun to bring children to this place.

Edward knows that tomorrow will bring another adventure. The truck is still hooked to the camper, and when that happens, Edward is sure that there will be a new place tomorrow. He is thinking that they might stop at Wolf Lodge. He has been there before and really likes it.

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