Big Timber, Montana

For Edward it seems as if a lot of time goes by between trips, but today was a good day for a bit of a drive. It is about 425 miles from Rapid City to Big Timber and the road was full of motorcycles leaving the hills at the end of the rally. The drive was uneventful and the camper was parked and set up well before dark. Edward got to meet Ted’s oldest sister Nancy and another brother of Nancy’s named Sonny. It was fun to see more people and to visit.

The trailer is set up at the place where Ted spent his summers when he was growing up. His father was a John Deere dealer, so Edward had to try out the John Deere tractor. Soon it was dark and there is a fully day with more adventures tomorrow. And soon, Elliot and Emmala will be on their way to Montana. This is going to be a great week for Edward Bear.

Edward on the John Deere