Diablo Lake, Washington

Edward in North Cascades

My oh my has Edward Bear been having adventures. He has been to the top of nine mountain passes on this trip and when he got to the top of Washington Pass he took a look around and realized how high he was here in the Northern Cascades. North Cascade National Park is home to the most glaciers outside of Alaska in the United States and it is filled with waterfalls and rugged spires. The trailer was going a bit more slowly as the truck pulled it up the steep mountain passes, but there were no troubles and the day was a grand adventure.

High Country EdwardCascade Peaks

Today Edward Bear is camped in a bit of the temperate rainforest. It is an exciting place with ferns and moss growing everywhere and trees that are so tall that you can’t see the tops. Edward found a hollow log and other grand things around the campground. There are lots of other bears in this area and the campground has lots of signs warning people to be careful around bears, but Edward didn’t see any other bears in this place.

Edward in rainforestIn the Trees