Three Forks, Montana


Edward is thinking of today as a day of rivers. This morning they packed up the camper and followed the Clarks Fork to Missoula. Soon they were heading up the Blackfoot River. It is a beautiful trout stream and they stopped for lunch alongside the river. There is a book in which this river is a character. The book is titled “A River Runs Through It.” After a while they left the river behind and went up, up, and up and over MacDonald Pass. On the other side is Helena, the capitol of Montana. They drove through part of the capitol and then headed south to Wheat Montana where they stopped and bought flour and bread. Edward knows that Emmala, Elliot, Eero, and Eliza like it when Ted bakes bread, so it will be good to have a fresh supply of organic whole wheat flour direct from the source.

Tonight the camper is parked at Missouri Headwaters State Park. It is just a short walk from where the Madison and Jefferson Rivers come together to form the Missouri. About a mile downstream the Gallatin River joins, giving the name of the place “Three Forks.” It was named by the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery who had followed the Missouri River all the way upstream from where it flows into the Mississippi at St Joseph, Missouri.

As the sun went down tonight and a nearly full moon rose, Edward could hear lots of coyotes singing. They like to sing when the moon is full. Some people think they sound like wolves, but Edward knows the difference. Coyotes sing. Wolves howl.

As he drifts off to sleep tonight, Edward is dreaming of rivers. The water they bring restore and renews everything and whenever you look at a river, you are looking at change as the water goes by downstream and more water from upstream replaces it so that the river is always full.

Tomorrow the plan is to arrive in Red Lodge! Edward thinks he will see Faye and Edith and Otis. Every day is an adventure when the camper is traveling!

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