Floweree, Montana

Edward and the Plow
After three days of adventures at Big Timber, Edward could hear the familiar sounds of the camper being prepared for another move. Instead of heading back towards home, they went on the road north, up through Harlowton, through Judith Gap to Eddie's Corner, where they turned west on their way to Great Falls. From Great falls, they took the road towards Fort Benton and turned off at Floweree. Instead of going to the Floweree place, like they did last year, however, the camper began a slow trip across a bumpy road that lead to the bluffs over the river and down in to the river bottom to the River Ranch.

Edward and the Combine
What a wonderful place! The river ranch is quiet, with only the sounds of the wind in the trees and the birds in the air and the swiftly flowing Missouri River. Russ and Elsie were there to greet them, with their dog. The men are working hard to prepare for harvest. The combine is being repaired and run and the trucks are being prepared.as well. There is a big baler for rolling up the straw after the combining is done. There is plenty of wonderful activity and plenty of family. Three generations of the same family working together to grow food.

Edward and the old tractor
Edward especially appreciated walking around the place and looking at all of the old and interesting machinery. It is a place that is full of memories and good feelings for Ted as he walked around and visited with the people and learned more about all of the crops and activities of the ranch.