Red Lodge, Montana


Normally Edward Bear makes his posts to the blog for each new place or situation. And Edward is in exactly the same place as he was last night. However, he was disappointed that it was too late last night to take a picture of him next to Rock Creek, so here is a picture that was taken today. The camper will be in the same place for the rest of this week. It is Wednesday today and they won’t move the camper until Sunday. Susan is visiting with her sisters. They really enjoy it when all three of them can get together. Ted is making some repairs to the camper, so he is around sometimes, but he is also taking hikes and I think he is going to go for a paddle one of these days, too. It is generally a vacation for him right now.

So Edward probably won’t post until Sunday when he will be in a new place. He will be having a good time listening to the river sing.

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