Floweree, Montana

Edward Bear had been hearing about the River Ranch for a long time. In his mind a River Ranch would be a perfect place to visit. A river means fish and Edward is particular to fish. But the drive up to the ranch was a kind of hot afternoon’s adventure. There was quite a bit of road construction and more than a little dust and by the time the camper pulled into Great Falls it was pretty dirty, even though it hadn’t yet made it to the gravel roads. The ranch isn’t far from Great Falls and soon the camper was parked in the yard of the Floweree Ranch. It is kind of dry here. It is harvest season. All of the winter wheat has been combined and the spring wheat isn’t quite ready to cut.

Ted set up the camper at the Floweree place and went off without the camper to the River Ranch. By the time he got back it was too late to take pictures of Edward, so the pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

Already Edward is excited about this particular place to camp. The camper is right next to a fenced area with chickens and roosters and there is a friendly dog and a big garden. There are lots of things to explore tomorrow. This is turning out to be an excellent adventure for Edward.