Leavenworth, Washington


Edward is excited for several reasons. First of all, the camper is parked in the Cascades and that means that we are close to home. Second, they stopped at a fruit stand today and got peaches and apples. Edward loves peaches and apples and he knows that the family loves them, too. Third, they are at the Icicle River RV Park. It is a place where they have camped several times and Edward loves it. There is enough space for all the campers and there are lots of trees. It is also right by a river. The river is called the Icicle River. I bet you can guess whether the water in the river is warm or cold. And, as important as all of those other things are, Edward knows that he gets to see Eero, Eliza, Emmala, and Elliot tomorrow. WOW! He has really missed them and is ready to get back to the farm. At the farm he can get some rest and he knows that there will be lots of activities around the camper because it is covered with bugs which means that Ted needs to scrub it. The refrigerator and cupboards are full of food, which means that they need to be emptied and cleaned. Edward is pretty sure that there will be activity at the camper for the next couple of days at least. He enjoys that!

Edward is thinking about all of the adventures of this trip. It has been a good trip and they didn’t have any days when they had to drive so long that they were setting up the camper at night. There were a couple of rainy days, but rainy days are good in the mountains, especially this year when there are so many fires. On today’s drive Edward saw an area near Spokane where the fire had burned right up to the road. The median was burned and both sides of the Interstate. Edward could see why they had to close the Interstate when they were fighting that fire.

Edward loves the mountains, but he knows that there are good things on the other side and right now he is thinking of his family and the children we will get to see tomorrow. Edward thinks they will like the big juicy peaches that will go to their house.

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