Harris Park, near Milton-Freewater, OR

Edward with Eric Lynn
After a week in Olympia, Edward was glad to be back on the road. Today's destination sounded interesting from the beginning. Milton-Freewater, Oregon, used to be two towns, but now is all the same town. It does, however, have two different down towns. The high school is right in the middle between the two towns. Eric Lynn, nephew of Susan and Ted, is a teacher at the high school.

Edward at Harris Park
The camper is parked at Harris park, which is about 15 miles from town, up a tight canyon. It is a beautiful park with the south fork of the Walla Walla river flowing right by the camping spaces. One thing about the park that was exciting to Edward is that there is a bear trap in the park. Edward isn't sure how he feels about having a bear trap, but there has been a bear visiting the campground recently and the officials have decided that it is time to move it to some place farther away form people so that it can forage for its own food and hibernate away from people like other bears in the wild. The trap is a big culvert with springs to close the door should a bear go inside to investigate the bait. Edward stayed clear of the trap.

Tomorrow will be a long day with nearly 600 miles to go to get to Big Timber. It will be another grand adventure for Edward.