Leavenworth, Washington

Edward in Leavenworth
Today Edward got to travel across part of Montana, the Idaho panhandle, and a little more than half way across Washington. It was a new road for Edward. He had been across Washington on highway 20, on Interstate 90 and on US 12. Today he went on US 2 - across high desert and down to the Columbia River and up into the Eastern slope of the Cascade mountains.

Leavenworth is a very interesting town. Most of the buildings are made to look like a Bavarian village. Of course, it isn't in Bavaria, which is in Germany, but it is an old logging town in the Cascade mountains. There are several different campgrounds. Tonight the family is staying at the Leavenworth/Pine Village KOA. It is owned by the same company that owns the Palmer Gulch KOA near Edward's home.

Susan and Edward
in the rocks
In the evening hike they went down by the river where they saw a dog chasing a ball thrown into the water. The dog was a very good swimmer. While they were watching, Edward fell in the river. No harm was done. Bears don't mind getting their heads wet. And Edward floats so he was easy for Ted to grab him from the river. Susan dried him off and he is as good as new.

Tomorrow we get to Olympia. Edward likes visiting with Elliot's bear family when they go to Olympia.

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