Big Timber, Montana and back home

This has been a whirlwind trip and Edward Bear was so tired last night that he didn't write his usual blog. The camper arrived in Big Timber in the early afternoon. Edward got to hear the familiar sounds of the Boulder River and, of course, Cody the dog, who loves to chase balls and anything else that a person will throw for him. Cody likes to focus his attention keenly on the ball and he can catch it in the air. He is a very, very fast dog!

One of the things that Edward likes the best about visiting the Boulder is the sound of the river. There are lots of other animals, deer, an occasional bear, eagles, and of course the fish in the river, mostly brown and rainbow trout. Edward's favorite fish is Salmon but they don't swim in the Boulder, which is a very, very long ways from the ocean. The Boulder flows into the Yellowstone, which flows in to the Missouri, which flows into the Mississippi, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico, half a continent away.

Today, Edward got up at the boulder and before long the camper was being packed up for a long drive of about 400 miles across Montana, the corner of Wyoming and South Dakota to his home. The camper is not yet in the storage place, because it needs to be cleaned before it is put away and the family was too busy with meetings and other activities to finish getting it ready tonight. But the camper is quiet, with the refrigerator and hot water turned off. It is dark and the familiar sounds of South Dakota surround Edward. He likes it when the camper is at the house because he can watch the deer out of the window and in the mornings he sees Turkeys.

Edward is hoping that there might be one more trip before winter hibernation sets in, but he doesn't know what adventure will come next.