Olympia, Washington

The Bear Family with Edward
Edward is back in the Americana Campground in Olympia. It is a very familiar and a very special place. Today the camper stopped at the home of Elliot and Emmala and their parents and then Elliot and Ted took the camper, with Edward to the campground and set it up. Edward got a few minutes to play with Elliot before they went back to the house and left Edward in the camper to get used to the campground with the giant trees.

Then Susan and Ted came back with a surprise. Elliott is staying for a sleepover on the first night! Elliot brought the whole bear family to visit Edward. What fun it is to play with other bears and with a boy who has a wonderful imagination. Elliot told Edward about all of the plans for the next few days. Tomorrow they are going to look at a pedal bicycle. It seems like this will be an exciting and wonderful visit.

The campground is lovely and quiet and filled with giant cedars, Douglas firs and hemlock trees. The trees are so tall that it is a wonder.

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