Red Lodge, Montana

Edward has been to Perry’s Campground in Red Lodge before. It is a beautiful place down by the creek with lots of shade. This time is extra special, however, because Elliot is having an overnight! Overnights with Elliot are always special. Edward gets to sleep with Elliot and a whole family of bears!

Bears at Red Lodge

And, Elliot has a new bear for this visit. Black Bear E (not Blackberry!) is a special bear that Elliot got when he visited the Yellowstone Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a very special place that gives homes to wild animals that are not able to live in the wild. Some have been injured. Others were kept as pets and don’t have the skills to survive in the wild. There were four bears at the sanctuary and a mountain lion, a bobcat, and elk and a buffalo as well as a porcupine, crows, ravens, an eagle and a falcon.

Elliot and Chipmunks

Perhaps Elliot’s favorite animals of this trip, however, were the chipmunks at Vista Point. They were so used to people that they would come right up to Elliot. What fun to see them scamper about.

One morning Rachel and Michael and all of Elliot’s family came for breakfast. Blueberry pancakes! Yum!

bear and tractors

There was another wedding and a lot of other adventures. Elliot played with the tractors and other toys at the camper and got to have a bath in the little bathtub of the camper. Emmala came to visit. She could take a nap in the camper, but she is too little for a sleepover. Elliot felt right at home in the camper. He liked reading the Cat in the Hat with the toy Cat and Things ! and 2.

Edward was happy to see Ted and Susan so happy to have their whole family together. It was a wonderful time for visiting.