Red Lodge, Montana

edward red lodge
Edward was right about the snow in the high country. There was lots of it when they finally drove up into the mountains. Some places the cuts made by the snowplows were still 4 or 5 feet deep and it was obvious that the snow was melting. There will little streams and rivulets and cascades everywhere. The water was delightful enough that Edward though that he would like to get out and play in it. Then he thought about how cold that water would be. Just a few inches away was the snow that was drip, drip, dripping into the water.

After they came down from the high country, it was a short drive to Montana and then up again, this time to the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains and Red Lodge. Edward loves the name of these mountains. Bear - tooth. Edward has plenty of teeth - the better for eating his favorite foods, which are blueberries and salmon. And he likes salmonberries as well.

Then Edward remembered another thing as they set up the camper next to Rock Creek on the edge of Red Lodge: the music of the water. Rock Creek is very full as there is a lot of snow melt in the high country and it is roaring next to the campsite, which makes for music to go to sleep to. Edward is sure he'll sleep well tonight. Red Lodge is a place Edward has been many times before and he is looking forward to two nights in the same campground.