Baker Lake, Washington


O joy! O joy! O joy! Edward was really really excited a couple of weeks ago when he heard the sound of impact wrenches as the wheel bearings of the camper were being packed. Wheel bearings getting packed means that the camper is being prepared to go somewhere. For two years, since he both back from the big trip to South Carolina, Edward and the camper had stayed at the farm in Ferndale.

Edward didn’t sleep the whole time, however. The camper came out of the barn sometimes. There were sleepovers with Eliza and Emmala and Elliot. And two times Otis and Edie and Faye and their parents came and stayed in the camper. That was super fun!

But Edward loves to travel. And now he knew a trip was in store. then on Tuesday the camper was scrubbed from top to bottom. Edward could hear Ted on the roof scrubbing everything. Then the outside of the camper was scrubbed and the windows washed. the bathroom and kitchen were cleaned. The slide out was lubricated. On Wednesday clean sheets were put on the beds and Edward was happy to see that three bunks were made up with sheets and pillows and comforters.

On Thursday groceries were loaded and soon the camper was heading down the highway. Edward could feel it going up and up and when they stopped they were high in the Cascade Mountains near Baker Lake.

For three days and two nights there was so much fun. Edward heard about swimming and kayaking and hiking in the old growth forest. they cooked hot dogs over the campfire and toasted marshmallows for s’mores. They had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. They took picnics and played tree bingo. What a grand adventure!

Edward is so glad to be back on the road! And he learned that his fish has a name. The children call him Sam Salmon.

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