Missoula, Montana

Edward and Faye
Edward was at the Missoula KOA a little over a year ago, so the trip from Big Timber was sort of familiar. This time there was a little rain, but they stopped at Wheat Montana and got some good bread along the way.

This visit, however, was extra special. They got to visit a family with an almost brand new cub! Baby Faye is only eleven weeks old. Edward can't remember when he was only 11 weeks old. She was already longer than Edward, but she couldn't do very many things. She liked to be held and fed and have her diaper changed. She liked it when her dad made faces at her and when her mother laughed. It was fun to hang out with them for a little while. Faye's mother, Jamie, is Susan and Ted's niece, so it was a special visit to them. They were meeting the baby for the first time.

The campground at Missoula is nice and comfortable, but the campsites are pretty narrow and the neighbors are very close to each other. It has lots of activities and there is ice cream in the evening. And tomorrow the caravan will head west again. We'll be in Washington by the time we stop tomorrow.


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