Birch Bay State Park, Washington


Edward Bear has been living a life of luxury. He has been sleeping in the children’s bunks since the last camping trip and now he is on another adventure with Elliot, Emmala, and Eliza. This adventure didn't require much travel. They camped at Birch Bay State Park, just 4 miles from the farm where Emmala, Eliza, and Elliot live.

Birch Bay State Park is partially located in a heritage forest managed in cooperation between the Nature Conservancy and Washington State Parks. The campground is in a grove of tall cedar trees. It also is on the shore, so everyone could walk to the beach to watch the sunset. There were games to play, bikes to ride, and lots of fun, including blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Edward can tell that there are more adventures ahead. Ted has been working on the camper quite a bit lately. He installed an upgrade to the hot water heater. He repaired a bunch of drawer sides and he has been doing other small maintenance chores.

Stay tuned. Edward is pretty sure there will be some new adventures soon.

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