Red Lodge, Montana


Edward is in a familiar campground this evening. Perry’s Campground in Red Lodge, Montana is a place where Edward has stayed several different times. In fact, it was the place where Edward first met Emmala when she was just a baby. Edward is hoping that there will be some better pictures tomorrow or the next day, but tonight the only picture he has is of his chilling in the camper. That is because it is already dark outside and so not good for picture. The day was just so busy and fun that no one thought of taking pictures until it got dark.

One of the things that Edward likes best about Perry’s Campground is that it is right next to Rock Creek and the creek makes a beautiful music as the water dances over all of the rocks rushing to get down from the mountains. The water is very close to the melting snow, so it is very cold. Being a bear, Edward doesn’t mind cold water. In fact he prefers cold water. That is just the kind of bear he is. He thinks that Sam likes cold water, too. One thing for sure, Sam Salmon feels right at home when he is near rushing water.

Today the drive from the Missouri Headwaters to Red Lodge was short, so they got to the campground in the morning and had lunch there before going to see Peggy and Danny. There was lots of talking, pictures to look at, stories to tell and much more. Susan and Ted took walks before and after supper. It was a good, fun, full day.

Edward hopes there will be more time in the next couple of days to tell more stories and maybe get some more pictures of this beautiful place. For now, however, he is going to go to sleep in the camper with the music of the water outside.

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