St Regis, Montana

Edward's Huckleberry Shake
Tonight Edward is in St. Regis, Montana. He was here two years ago, so he remembered that it is a long day to drive from Olympia, Washington to St. Regis. But St. Regis means one thing that Edward knows and loves: Huckleberries. A Huckleberry milkshake was just the right thing to fill him up after a long hot day of riding in the camper.

It is very smoky all across Washington, Idaho and Western Montana. In north Idaho, they saw fire crews working very close to the highway and there is a big camp for firefighters in Wallace. The ride up to Lookout Pass was the slowest ever. The traffic was moving only about 5 miles per hour and it came to a complete stop at times, They are working on building a whole new highway up the Idaho side of the pass. Traffic is reduced to one lane, so no one can go any faster than the slowest truck. And then a truck broke down part way up the hill and got everything stopped until the construction crews could help move the truck out of the way to wait for a wrecker to come and help.

After the top of the hill, the speed retuned to normal and the winding trip into Montana is filled with lots of trees. It looks like a good place for bears to live. Last time Edward was in St. Regis they stayed at one campground. This time they are at another - this one is much nicer and very convenient.

Tomorrow they will head to another good pace to look for bears: Red Lodge

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