Blessed are the Crazy

Sarah Griffith Lund, Blessed are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, Family & Church, (St. Louis: Chalice Press), 2014.

Lund - Blessed are the Crazy
This book is part memoir, telling the story of the mental illnesses of the author's father and brother. It also is an invitation to discuss mental illness in the context of the church - a place where often mental illness is hidden and avoided. Most important about this particular book is that while addressing very serious problems with solutions that are clouded or even not discovered, the book does not lose hope. In the face of harsh realities and psyche-bending issues, Lund finds a way to apply the basic stories of the Gospel to the life she has lived.

Perhaps the most important contribution of this book is the way in which it opens the door to increased conversation about mental illness in the church. It seems that each opportunity to speak gives new voices a chance to join in the conversation and to discover that those who are struggling with mental illness in their families are not alone - they are surrounded by others who wrestle with similar problems.

This book will be an excellent discussion starter for church groups wanting to explore ways in which congregations can be more supportive of their members and families.