The Only Kayak

Kim Heacox, The Only Kayak: A Journey into the Heart of Alaska, (Guilford, Connecticut: The Lyons Press), 2006.

Heacox - The Only Kayak
Kim Heacox manages to tell his own story, part of the story of Michio Hoshino, and part of the story of Alaska in this masterpiece of description. He has given more than words to the complexities of the preservation of the few remaining wild spaces in this world. He has invested his life in not just working to do what is right in Glacier Bay, but to understand the people of the place and live with them as neighbors.

Quite simply, Heacox is a good writer and his life contains many compelling tales. This memoir is just the right balance of poetic language, adventure stories, friendship and faithfulness, and love of the land. I found the book because of the inspiration provided by Michio Hoshino and I'm glad I did. I plan to read more of Heacox. Alaska is a place that calls to me, but I don't want to be a tourist only. I want to gain knowledge and respect for the place and the people before I visit. Heacox's book is a step in the right direction.