Nanook's Gift

Michio Hoshino, Nanook's Gift, (San Francisco: Cadence Books, 1997)

Hoshino - Nanook's Gift
Michio Hoshino wanted to share his love and respect for the earth and especially for the creatures of the North with a wider audience. He saw the lessons he learned from living in Alaska from the age of 17 years old as lessons worth teaching to a new generation.

The text of this book is probably aimed at elementary age children and it might even be good for teenagers to return to catch the depth of the concepts presented. The pictures, however, will delight people of all ages. The message is important. All of the photographs are of polar bears in their natural element. The book would be worth obtaining just for the pictures of the bears. The message of care and respect is not to be missed, either.

Though it is sold as a children's book, it clearly is a book for parents and other adults as well.