Red Lodge, Montana

It has been obvious to Edward Bear for several days that everyone was getting ready for a big adventure. There has been a lot of coming and going at the camper, with groceries and clothes and kites and other items being loaded. Then, yesterday, on Monday, the camper was hooked up to the truck and they were off. They traveled most of the day and in the afternoon there was a great thundershower with lightning and lots of wind that shook the camper and rain, rain, rain. But by early evening they had arrived at a beautiful campsite along Rock Creek in Red Lodge, Montana.

Edward at Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a lovely small river, and it is running fast with lots of runoff from the snow in the high mountains that you can see all around. The sound of the river running by is like music. The water dances and froths and makes whitewater in the most interesting way. Edward knew about trout in the mountain rivers and he looked and looked, but it was hard to see in the water in the evening. Even though he knew that there were fish in the river, he didn’t see any.

The next morning, Edward made another trip down to the creek. It was quiet and beautiful with the sound of the rushing water being the only thing he heard. The grass by the edge of the creek was being warmed by the sun and felt soft and safe to Edward as he explored. The creek was rushing by so quickly that it seemed that it might be dangerous were Edward to fall in.

He found a little spot by the river and sat on the rocks to think about fishing. “The trouble with fishing,” thought Edward, “is that one would have to set down the fish that he has in order to have his paws free to pick up another.” Edward thought that risking losing the fish that he had might not be a good idea. So even as he though about fishing, he didn’t do any fishing that day. The problem of being a bear with a fish is that the incentive to go out and get another fish is a bit less, Edward supposed.

Edward on the Rocks

Red Lodge is a beautiful mountain town filled with fun people and the adventure reminded Edward that there are many places in this world that are worth visiting more than once. This is one of them. Edward soaked up the sunshine of the beautiful summer morning in the mountains and dreamed of other places where he might visit. It seemed that this was a great beginning to a big adventure. Edward hoped that there would be more mountains and rivers as they traveled.