Clarkson, Washington

After saying good bye to Elliot and his family, the camper was packed up and Edward was on the move once again. They drove down Interstate 5 to US 12 and crossed Washington on US 12. The highway starts with a beautiful path across the Cascade mountains between Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helens. They crossed White Pass and drove ate lunch alongside a beautiful lake.

Edward in Washington

From the Cascades west, it is desert. By Yakima, the land is dry and parched except where the irrigation gives water to the orchards and vineyards. The temperature was only 56 degrees when Edward got up in Olympia, but it was nearly 100 degrees by Yakima and at Walla Walla, it was 101!

In the hills between Walla Walla and Clarkson there are hundreds and hundreds of windmills turning in the breeze. The wind is making electricity for people to pump water and cool their homes.


The travel went smoothly and they decided to stop early and camp alongside the Snake River at the border between Washington and Idaho. There are yet many more miles to go, but it was good to stop and set up camp. The air conditioner in the trailer really felt good as it cooled down and they settled in for the night.

Edward at the lakeshore

The river was a good place for a short paddle. Edward enjoyed the bushes next to the river. He could see Idaho and knew that they were headed into the mountains again tomorrow.