Kettle Falls, Washington

Edward at Kettle Falls

Edward believes that Kettle Falls is a funny name for a place. Today he is northwest of Spokane, Washington, not far from Canada. There is a huge lake here, formed by a big dam that has filled a gorge between the mountains with the waters of the Columbia River. The Kettle River flows into the reservoir and it too is backed up and slow and deep as it becomes a part of Lake Roosevelt.

Their travels didn’t cover as many miles yesterday, but Edward and his trailer home traveled through some beautiful country. There were more mountain passes, a big city, and then they were out in the rolling country with lots of wheat fields and soon they entered the forest as they drove along.

Edward at Almost Canada

Edward has enjoyed watching the osprey fishing in the lake. Wow! If he could fly, he could catch a lot of fish. Edward still doesn’t know much about how to catch fish,, but he holds tightly to the one that he has as he explores this big world.