North Cascades Nationa Park, Washington

Bear and sign
Hills and curves, up and down and the up and down again. Some times the hills were very long and the passes were very high. Today was a day of traveling in the mountains, one of Edward's favorite types of travel. Edward lost count of how many mountain passes they went over. They took US 2 through Idaho and as soon as they entered Washington, they turned on to Washington 20, which runs through the mountains up by the Canadian border. There were lots of beautiful vistas, some really cool waterfalls, a few choice rivers and some really big trees. Edward wished that they could have stopped more often and explored. They saw lots of deer, including a few new fawns, but no bears. Edward would really like to see a bear one of these days.

do not feed the bears
Tonight they are camped in North Cascades National Park, a wonderful place with lots of Cedars, Hemlocks and Douglas Firs. The grandfather trees are over 100 feet tall and they are so big around that a whole person could easily hide behind one. They are even a lot bigger than that!

This national park is very close to where Elliot, Emmala and Eliza live, so Edward knows that he will be at their home and will be able to play with them tomorrow! He is very excited. And Edward saw a picture of baby Patrick and his mother. Edward is excited to meet Patrick one day.

Edward has a question about this place, however. All around the campground are signs that say, "A fed bear is a dead bear." The signs have all kinds of information about keeping food away from the bears. They have special boxes for food that the bears cannot get into. Edward likes to eat and he wonders why they can't let the bears eat. He keeps a tight hold on his fish. Ted explained that the bears need to eat their own food and shouldn't have human food. That makes sense to Edward. Fish is good food for a bear.