Hell Creek State Park, Montana

Edward and the Missouri
Edward Bear found himself on a journey to a new place. Sometimes the roads followed are ones that the trailer has traveled before and sometimes the trailer heads down new roads. This was an adventure for new roads. Up through the Judith mountains the view was beautiful and the air cool, but as they headed east the temperatures began to rise and the countryside began to look very dry. At Jordan, they turned off the pavement. It was a long, slow and very bumpy driver over 25 miles of washboard gravel to get to Hell Creek State Park.

Edward in the Sage
The park is on the southern shore of Fort Peck Reservoir in the midst of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is home to lots of different birds. Edward got close up views of Western Meadowlarks, who came right up to the trailer, seagulls who filled the air with their squawks and screeches, and geese, who kept mostly to themselves along the edges of the lake. The lake is very big with lots of hills with cactus, yucca, sagebrush, junipers and scrub pines on the hills. It is a beautiful place, though Edward could imagine it getting very hot on some days. It was a good place to have a plug in so the air conditioner in the camper could be used.

There was time for paddling and playing in the water, hiking in the hills and some very good meals while the family visited at Hell Creek State Park.