Big Timber, Montana

Wow! Edward and the camper went back to Big Timber for the third time on this trip!. This time there was a big birthday party for Ted’s sister. There were a lot of people. Ted’s two sisters and two of his nieces and all of Ted and Susan’s family plus some other relatives and friends were all there. It was a fun time with lots of food and cake and ice cream.

Elliot throwing rocks

Elliot’s really enjoyed throwing rocks into the river.

This trip with the camper will soon be over. There are a lot of things going on in Rapid City. Rachel and Mike will be coming back to Rapid City after they visit Yellowstone Park. Edward would like to go to Yellowstone Park some day, but right now it will be fun to hear their stories. Edward hopes they get to see a bear!

Tomorrow will be time to pack up and head back towards Rapid City.