Mount Vernon, WA

EB at Anacortes
Edward and the family finally arrived in Mount Vernon. Since they got to town things have been so busy that he hasn't had much time to think. Today Edward and Emmala went to the beach at Anacortes, where Edward visited before Emmala was born. They had fun throwing rocks into the ocean and finding special rocks. Mount Vernon is a very beautiful place with a great big mountain, Mount Baker, rising to the east of town. There are lots of little mountains around as well and the city is very hilly. The campground is near downtown, by the Skagit River. There are lots of beautiful trees and the campground is quiet and nice.

Edward is looking forward to tomorrow when Elliot and perhaps Emmala too will come for a sleep over at the camper. Edward always loves sleepovers with Elliot. Sometimes he even brings one of his bears to play with Edward.

It is a fun visit to a fun place with lots of fun people. Edward is having a ball
Anacortes beach