Anacortes, Washington

Edward Bear saw the ocean for the first time on July 12. They came down from the mountains and across a plain and then they crossed a high bridge and were on an island. The name of the island is “Fidalgo.” The campground where they settled is run by the Samish tribe. At one time the Samish were spread throughout the islands, coast and even into the mountains. But when European settlers came they brought with them diseases that the Samish people had never before experienced. Many people died from the sicknesses and the tribe became very small for a while. The Samish people on Fidalgo Island eat mostly fish. They have a saying that means, “When the tide is out, the table is set.” They dig clams from the tidal flats and eat crab and other shell fish. They know how to catch the salmon that are the food of the bears and of the Orca Whales.

Edward’s people went on a large boat to look at the whales. They visited two pods of Orcas and had a chance to see a Minke whale as well. It was a beautiful day and they brought back many pictures to share.

Orca Breaching

There were lots of other adventures on Fidalgo Island. The camper stayed parked in the same place for five nights. The boats were unloaded and there was rowing and paddling around the bay and even from the island to the mainland and back. There were stories from the Samish and other indigenous people that were told. There were even some stories about the white bears of British Columbia. Edward wondered what it might be like to have white fur instead of his brown fur. Some people call the bears “Spirit bears.”

Spirit Bear

There are many stokes to every place and this new place was filled with adventures and lots of stories. But the best part of this place was that Edward Bear got to meet Elliot. He even got to sleep in Elliot’s bed while Elliot and his family were visiting in the camper.

Camper fun with Elliot