St. Regis, Montana

Bear and Bear
Edward Bear ‘s ears really perked up when he heard the people talking about the grizzly bear sightings in Red Lodge this morning. Edward thougtht that it would be wonderful to meet another bear. He wasn’t sure about a grizzly, however. Edward didn’t know what kind of bear he was, but he thought that a grizzly bear must be old in order to be grizzled, but he wasn’t sure. At any rate he didn’t see any bears in Red Lodge. The day however, was a drive across Montana into the Western part of the state, which is definitely bear country. After a long day’s drive, they stopped in St. Regis, which is definitely bear country and Edward met a whole bunch of bears. One of them even had a fish like Edward.

Bear and Bear IIBear and Bear III

That however wasn’t the highlight of his day. The best part of the day was the big fish that Edward found right behind the place where they parked the camper. You’ll have to look at the picture to see what a treasure he found.

Bear and Fish
It was a long hot day, but the campground was just right and Edward went to sleep full of joy at the new friends he had found and the new place he discovered. Edward went to bed filled with lots of good images and dreamed dreams about the new place that he would go and the new discoveries he would make tomorrow.