Olympia, Washington

Edward’s people packed up at Anacortes and they got on the road. Soon they were on a very busy freeway. They drove right through the city of Seattle with the Space Needle and other interesting buildings. They could see a 787 Dreamliner on the ramp at Boeing field and they saw sailboats racing in Lake Washington. After a few hours of driving, they arrived in Olympia. Olympia has a lot of tall trees and they parked in a beautiful forest to camp for five nights.

Edward at American Heritage Campground

Edward loved the green plants and trees and the quiet of the forest. There were lots of birds singing and chattering and the light was soft and warm through the trees. It was even a bit cool in the shade, a special treat in the middle of the summer, especially for a bear who always wears a fur coat. Edward knows that he will get to spend more time with Elliot over the next few days and that is an exciting prospect for a camper bear. Perhaps Elliot could sleep over one night and they could have more adventures.