A quiet day

Dear Elliot, Emmala and Eliza,

We had a very quiet day yesterday. I didn't even take any pictures to put with this note. We stayed at Rachel and Mike's house all day. It rained all day long and we only went outside for a short bit to walk with Zeus. He wasn't that eager to be out in the rain, either. We did our laundry, caught up on some of our writing, and sorted through our suitcases.

We packed a small box that we are mailing to your home so that we won't have to carry those things as we travel, but we also have some things in our suitcases that we have found on our journey that we will share with you when we get to your home.

Since it is day here when it is night there, we saw the pictures of you watching the fireworks and had fun thinking of you on your adventure.

The rain is supposed to stop today and we are hoping to get out and look at some special places that Rachel and Mike want to show us, so there should be some pictures and more news later.

We are thinking of you and we miss you, but we are having a good time with Rachel and Mike and are glad to visit them. Rachel is very excited to be planning her trip to come to your home in a few weeks. It will be very special to be all together.