Big Timber, Montana

Edward and the Silverado HD2500
At last! Edward Bear was excited because it was obvious that this time the camper was going on a real road trip. He listened as the bearings were greased and the air pressure in the tires was checked and he noticed that the refrigerator and pantry were filled, not just a little but, but real stocks to make many different meals. Two canoes were loaded on the truck and finally, at about 2 in the afternoon on Sunday July 12, the caravan headed out with Edward riding in his place among the pillows in the dinette.

Edward and the logs
It was dark when they arrived in Big Timber, but Edward recognized it as a place where he had been before. The mower started up in the morning and he could hear it off an on throughout the day, along with lots of breaks for ice tea and conversation in the camper. The Boulder property is special and the birds in the trees and the rush of the river were music to Edward's ears. With any luck there will be more destinations and more adventures on this trip. So far the canoes have remained on the rack on the truck, but Edward knows that there will be time for paddling on this trip.

Edward in the cottonwoods
The adventure is on!