Big Timber, Montana

Edward in Big Timber
Big Timber is a place that Edward has been many times before. He always loves to come to the cabins by the river where the dog Cody lives and there are always lots of friendly people and the river roars to lull you to sleep at night. And WOW! The river is really high this June! Edward has never seen it flowing so full. There are giant cottonwood trees that have been washed away from the other side of the river and the channel is full bank to bank.

Even at high water, however, this place is so peaceful. The lambs are getting pretty big and like to be out and munching on the fresh green grass. They probably would look like a yummy treat to some bears, but with Edward they are always safe. He prefers fish for his diet. There must be a lot of fish in the river, but it would be hard to catch them at this time of the year with the water running so high and so full of dirt and mud and other things that are washing down the river from up stream.

Big Timber is where Ted grew up and he seems to always be in a good mood when they are visiting here. Tomorrow promises a drive up the river to the Church Camp where Ted and Susan met and a return to a place that is very special to them. Edward likes special places and he likes the stories that go with returning to places where important things have happened. This is being a wonderful adventure and Edward is sure that there is much more to come.