Red Lodge, Montana

Edward in the Daisies

Edward is delighted to be back in Red Lodge. One doesn't always have to go to somewhere new in order to have a grand adventure. Edward has been to Red Lodge many times, perhaps as many as any other place besides Rapid City. He loves the sound of Rock Creek rushing by and the song of the coyotes in the distance. He loves the fields of daisies and the cool mountain air. He loves being around happy family. He even likes some of the stories Ted tells about when he was a boy and he visited his grandmother and grandfather here. He likes stories about grandmother's cooking, but doesn't like the stories about bear cubs taken from the den who later ended up in zoos.

EB at Red Lodge
Red Lodge is a good place to be outdoors. There are many hikes that can be taken from right close to town. The hills are full of spruce and lodgepole pine. The air smells sweet even though there is quite a bit of smoke from fires off to the west. This has been an especially bad summer for fires in Montana and the firefighters are getting tired and hoping for cooler winter that fall brings. In a month or so it should start snowing in the high country again, which is just what is needed for the fires to calm down. Edward is concerned for the safety of all of the firefighters.

There was a special treat after a day of hiking and exploring. Huckleberry milkshakes for a bedtime snack. That is definitely one of Edward's favorite foods.

Tomorrow it is off to Big Timber - another of Edward's favorite places and a great place to go to sleep to the music of the river.