Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Edward with Bo at Devil's Tower
Edward is back at Devil's Tower! It was a quick preparation yesterday as the camper was hooked up to the pickup and hauled home where a lot of things were quickly loaded before heading out in the middle of the afternoon for the short ride to the place that Edward visited in June. The camper was backed into a different parking place and soon everyone was settled in for the evening.

The big difference for Edward is that there is a young boy along on this trip. Beau is four years old and he is the grandson of Ted and Susan's friends Tony and Shirley from Australia. They visited the camper once before when Edward Bear first came to be a part of the Huffman family, but they had never traveled with the camper before. Edward likes the new adventure and he especially likes having a child to play with him.

Edward has been told that this trip will be one of going mostly to places that he has visited before, but it will be filled with fun people. He can't wait to find out what is going to happen next.