Clear Lake, Washington

camper time with kids and bear
Finally, after riding over lots of mountains and seeing lots of wonderful things, Edward and the camper arrived at the Huffman home at Clear Lake. Clear Lake is right next to Mount Vernon where Isaac's library is located. How happy Edward is to see Elliot, Emmala and Eliza. Right away they began to plan a sleepover at the camper for the children and Edward.

bears in the camper
Emmala got out a lot of bears to be friends with Edward. It was a really fun time playing with the children and the other bears. Edward and the camper are going to be at Clear Lake for a month now while Ted and Susan visit and in a little while, while Ted and Susan go to Japan to visit Rachel and Mike and Patrick. Edward is looking forward to a long visit with all kinds of time to play with the children and see what interesting games they like to play.

Clear Lake is a very beautiful place. Today it has been raining most of the day, so it is hard to see the mountains that are behind the clouds, but Edward has visited here before and he knows what it looks like on a sunny day. He can see the lake, but it was too cold for the children to play in the water today. Another day there will be times to play with canoes and kayaks and have many more good times with the children.