Mario Karts

Dear Elliot, Emmala and Eliza,

Today we are having a quiet day at Rachel and Mike's house in Misawa, so I have time to tell you another story about Tokyo. One day when we were visiting in Tokyo we went to a very busy part of the city. There is a big intersection where a whole bunch of streets come together. There are also a lot of people walking. They call the intersection Shibuya Scramble Crossing because the light is red for all of the pedestrians in all directions and then when it turns green every one walks in whatever direction they want all at once. It is a real scramble of a whole lot of people. After we walked through the intersection, we went into a Starbucks where we could go upstairs to the second floor and watch all of the people crossing the street below.

We had a real fun time watching the people and cars and all of the activity down below. While we were watching, we saw several things that were interesting and a few things that were a little strange. We saw people who were dressed up in costumes like animals. That got our attention. Then we saw people driving go carts dressed up like the characters from Mario Kart. It was kind of like the video game, except the people were life size. What we saw was an unusual way to take a tour of Tokyo. People who have their drivers' licenses can sign up and pay to take a kart tour of Tokyo with a guide showing them where to go and telling them what they were seeing. They can dress up like the characters from the Mario Kart video game if they want.

There will be a lot more stories to tell about our trip when we are together.

Today we did some shopping and found some interesting things that we will be excited to show you when we get back to Washington. We love you and miss you, but we are having a lot of fun with Rachel and Mike.